Switchboard connects your fans so that it feels like they're watching in the same room. 

Switchboard adds voice and video chat so that fans can watch the game together.

Available on all platforms.

Friends' videos pop up automatically when they speak.

Voice and game volumes auto-balance when someone speaks.

More fans.  More engaged.  More Money. 

of viewers use a second screen to make their sports experience social: Switchboard combines that into one.


Better than the second screen:

You don't hear the game a second time through the other device. 

Easily invite friends and let them drop in whenever they can. All in one click. 

The volumes auto-adjust when a friend is talking so you can actually hear one another.

Stay focused on the game, rather than your second screen.

Tools for deeper engagement

Bring the teams, stars, and commentators into the experience. Exclusive or repeating events, Ask me Anythings can drive fan engagement.

The host sets the channel's interaction rules while listener statistics provide feedback on engagement.

SDK & White Label

We offer White Label solutions for rapid prototyping & testing, as well as customized options using our SDK and support services. Be first-to-market with one-of-a-kind functionality to help maximize share and minimize churn. 

Next generation walkie-talkie and voice chat.

Switchboard is Superpowered






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