We're looking to expand our engineering team. We have a lot going on for a small team: mobile and desktop / web apps, a set of SDKs, and custom development services for our customers. There are only 5 of us right now, so everyone's pretty cross-funcitonal despite their specialty areas. We work flexibly (e.g. from home or our WeWork office) but we work hard. Not only is there a huge opportunity to learn here, but there's an opportunity to get in early enough to have a meaningful number of stock options. If that sounds exciting, and if you have experience with some of the following, it's worth a conversation:

  • End-to-end development on Android
  • Low level audio programming. Familiarity with Superpowered a bonus.
  • Porting C++ code to Android (i.e. JNI)
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C++
  • Networking experience (e.g.
  • Familiarity with things like webRTC, Twilio, Tokbox and other VoIP-related experience.
  • SDK development experience.
  • Mean Stack (ie. MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node)
  • Agile development methodologies and use of tools including Jira, Slack, Github, etc.
  • Bonus: if you've worked as part of a small distributed team.
  • Bonus: risk-taker who wants to be part of an early stage start-up.
  • Bonus: Obsessed with music and / or wants to watch video with friends over a VoIP connection. Or you're a gamer who uses voice chat.
  • Bonus: Can still write clean code after a few beers.

Next generation walkie-talkie and voice chat.

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