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Quick Start Videos

Your friend list available to you at the tap of a button, or just use a voice command.

An intercom for your

close friends and colleagues

Control the interruptions. "Switch Off" for a Do Not Disturb mode, and "Switch On" to give your contacts an instant voice channel. 

Availability Settings

Type /switchboard for options to start talking. Learn more here.


Slack Integration

Leave voice messages and have them automatically sent to Slack with a transcript. 

Voice Messages

Where we're going

This video shows the communication paradigm we're building. It's not all the way there yet, but it's getting close (See Quick Start Videos above). Come join the conversation on Product Hunt!

Smart audio meets smart communications. At Synervoz, we are using cutting edge audio technologies to enable spontaneous voice chat.

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Next generation walkie talkie and voice chat.

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