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Switchboard is owned by Synervoz Communications Inc. 

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Switchboard: Your instant voice network

Switchboard enables new styles of voice chat and shared experiences with music and video. The Switchboard Platform makes these experiences available to third party developers looking to engage users and differentiate their offerings. Switchboard uses patented technologies leveraging deep audio and voice processing capabilities. 

Synervoz Communications (parent company)

Synervoz applies cutting edge speech, audio, and machine learning technologies to voice communication. Our software enables spontaneous voice chat using patented always-on voice over IP technology with a voice-controlled user interface. Our network is designed for a voice-dominated future while bridging to current behaviour by connecting synchronous and asynchronous communication modes. Phone calls, walkie talkies, and texting can be replaced or augmented with our faster, easier, hands-free paradigm. New modes of social interaction are also made possible, especially when combined with music and other media.

Our flagship product, Switchboard, is a cross platform app that helps remote teams collaborate more effectively. Team mates can see when others are available and drop in spontaneously. They can optionally listen to music together or independently, while voice communication blends seamlessly. By leveraging our Slack integration, teams develop closer personal relationships while continuing to realize Slack’s benefits even while using their voice.

Remote collaboration is our first target market and establishes the base upon which the Switchboard Network will grow. It will be grown using the Switchboard SDK, which will allow users to communicate instantly with one another through any endpoint with speakers and a microphone – whether a smart speaker, headphones, car stereo, television, or their favorite music or media app.


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