Persistent voice connections run silently in the background so you can quickly place your mic on and off friends and groups for instantaneous voice chat.


We have voice commands like: 

“Hey Switchboard”


“Talk to FirstName_LastName”

We are adding more and intend to build a conversational user interface. 

Hey Switchboard, connect James!

Audio Features

Switchboard incorporates a powerful audio engine that allows for low level customization and mixing of different audio channels. 

These channels may include music, video, or ambient sounds (picked up by device microphone).  

We have an integrated voice activity detection mechanism that determines when the user is speaking. This can be used with music features to allow for always-on voice communication with automatic ducking of background music. 

Listen Together

Listen to music together, simultaneously.

Unlike other “listen together” parties, people can actually talk thanks to voice detection and automatic volume adjustment.

You can passively listen to music and have friends drop in, or you can start a music group and take turns being the DJ.

Slack Integration

Our Slack integration includes shortcuts to control conversations and a bot that makes intelligent posts. 

See when people are talking and join instantly. 

Leave voice messages rather than typing on the go. Transcripts make them easily searchable. 

Connect and monitor channels passively by audio instead of actively looking for text messages.

Voice Assistants

We currently have a working prototype where a voice assistant can be added as a friend to the Switchboard contact list.

We built this using IBM Watson Assistant. It is easy to create tailored assistants (e.g. “Switchboard Assistant” answers questions about Switchboard, but businesses can easily create their own and tie it into their database / systems).

We are also experimenting with the software development kits for Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and others.

In some cases ‘bots’ can be added to the contact list, in others we can build integrations at the hardware level such that assistants and users can interact directly with Switchboard through smart speakers and other devices.

My Channel

Your own link(s) to share and let people drop-in spontaneously when you’re available. 

Loop In

Easily add people to ongoing calls, whether they have Switchboard or not.

Voice Messages

Leave messages if someone is not available. 

Voice messages are automatically transcribed and sent as text. 

Having both text and voice means you don’t need to worry about correcting like you do with the mic-input on the keyboard. 

Push notifications often cause voice messages to flow naturally into two-way conversations. 

Video Chat

We have video chat for individuals. Group video chat coming soon.  

The voice detector allows users to keep video connections running without the constant noise.

The music ducking feature means that people will actually hear each other even while listening to music.

This makes Switchboard conducive to keeping connections open, drop-ins, and spontaneous voice chat.


iOS (publically available), macOS (beta), web app (beta), Android (in development)

Next generation walkie-talkie and voice chat.

Switchboard is Superpowered






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