Add voice, audio, and unique communication features to your app.

For developers

Powered By Switchboard

A super simple social layer for your app. Add the Switchboard button to join an existing network.

White Label & Services

White label one of our sample apps or have us help you build the features you want. 

My App needs Voice Chat.

Custom SDKs

Different SDKs to serve your needs. From on-device audio SDKs to hosted communications.

Listen to Music Together.

Watch Videos Together.

Smart Volume Ducking.

Always-On Audio Channels.

Intercom Functionality.




3D Audio. 

Much More...

Designed for hanging out online

for extended periods

For apps with:

Music, Video, Social Games, Social Fitness, Team Communication, and more.


Coming Soon

What Can I Do?

Audio Engine

A robust audio engine to help you mix different audio sources (e.g. VoIP and media players) together,  adjust volumes, and apply effects in real time. 


Some of what makes Switchboard the most flexible VoIP & audio platform ever built. 


Voice Detection

A voice activity detector that can be used to transmit VoIP, smartly duck audio, apply transparency, indicate presence, and more.

It can also be customized to the user's voice.


Wake Word

Use custom wake words to listen for further voice commands or use them as instant shortcuts to control communication & media features. 



Use our speech to text and speech to intent features to control hands-free features like controlling music or connecting voice comms hands-free. 


Hosted Communications

Don't want to build or manage your own VoIP?

We can handle all that for you. 

Instantly add voice, video, and more.



3D Audio, filters, transparency, effects, and more.


Flexible Voice Comms

Because of our VoIP architecture our communications are far more flexible than the competition. Build intercoms, always-on collaboration spaces without noise, and spaces for social watching, listening, and playing. 


We have out of the box integrations with things like Slack, Spotify, YouTube, Dash Radio, Alexa and other voice assistants, flic buttons, and more. Let us know what you want and we can make it work.