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The Switchboard SDKs offer much more than text messaging, voice, and video. They make it easy to add things like:  hands-free walkie-talkie,  listening to music together, watching videos together, multiplayer game communications, remote work features, voice commands, audio and voice detection, and more. 

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Key Features

Sync Music

Easily synchronize what your users are watching or listening to whether its your own content or a third party service.  We have reference implementations with Spotify, YouTube, and Dash Radio. 

Voice Detection and Ducking

If you've ever watched TV together with Zoom or Facetime running on the side, you know about echo and voice getting masked by the content audio. We fix that so you don't have to. Great for music use cases too. 

Intercom or Push to Talk

Phone calls are out, spontaneous voice chat is in. We provide another layer of functionality beyond traditional voice and video calls. Allow your users to instantly join using voice commands, shortcuts, and more. Sync or async. 

Developers First

We dealt with the audio problems so you don't have to. We also implemented flexible signalling functions that allow for one-of-a-kind use cases mixing voice communication with music, video, and game audio. Switchboard offers a set of SDKs: from audio functions only to a platform SDK if you need help building a social graph. 

Do you provide a service to front line workers in hospitality or retail? Help your customers save money and add a new way to monetize. 

Hospitality & Retail Apps.

  • BYOD with digital capabilites
  • Hands-free without special hardware (e.g. Airpods)
  • Monitor multiple audio channels simultaneously
  • Leverage WiFi investment, get rid of old hardware

Use Cases

Music was meant to be social. Let your users listen together like they're in the same room. 

Music & Video Apps.

  • Voice and video chat while listening
  • Music ducks when someone speaks
  • Easily synchronize the content
  • Voice and video messaging, push notifications

Playing games together is awesome. Crappy audio experiences are not. 

Game Streaming App.

  • Eliminate echo and noise 
  • Let your users listen to music while playing
  • Add hands free controls
  • Add cool audio transformations and 3D audio

Whether your app is used while running, cycling, working out, or training in any way, outdoors or at home, a social layer will engage your users in ways competitors can't. 

Fitness App.

  • Listen to music together and talk along the way 
  • Stream your class with high quality audio & music
  • Switch between conversations hands-free
  • Talk to workout partners near, far, and remote

So you have voice and video chat, but how well can your users listen to music together, watch videos together, or spontaneously drop in on one another? 

Communication App.

  • Intercom and push to talk features
  • Mix with other media (music, video)
  • Voice commands and transcripts
  • Voice detection and auto-ducking

Infotainment systems can do so much more. Sell an experience to your customers.

Automotive App.

  • Let friends and family join the ride remotely 
  • Listen to music and podcasts together
  • Stay safe using hands-free controls
  • Connect to other drivers to help stay awake

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Video Chat

Hands-Free Controls

Intercom and Push To Talk

Instant Audio Channels

Voice Detection Automatic Volume Balancing

Position Audio Channels in 3D

Persistent Audio Channels

Synchronize Music and Video

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