Free intercom for close friends & colleagues

For Remote Teams

Communicate spontaneously like you're in the same room.  Talk instead of typing with our always-on voice over IP network.

For People Who Want Control

 Available when you are. "Switch on" so people can speak directly into your headphones. "Switch Off" when you need to focus. 

For Headphone Lovers

Leave your music on all day without cutting you off from communication. No need to take headphones off or switch apps / devices to chat.

My office is an open office.

You control the interruptions: 

Decide who can speak to you directly, and who needs permission first. Even people without the app can reach you through a private channel.

Where we're going


Voice connections run silently in the background so you can quickly place your mic on and off friends and groups for instantaneous voice chat. 


Some of the powerful features that make Switchboard the most flexible communications app ever built. 


Push Notifications

Let your team know you're available even if they aren't online. Send urgent requests even if they are unavailable. Get notified when they are available. 


Voice Control

Control it using your voice: "Talk to James." "Do not disturb." "Respond." "Transparency On." "Switch On". "Switch Off".


Awesome Integrations

Integrate it with other awesome services like Slack, Spotify, Siri, Alexa, Watson, Facebook, and more. 


Multimodal Chat

You can still text or voice message but real time voice chat is so easy that you’ll find you have less messages piling up. 


Presence Indicators

Understand the context of when your friends and coworkers are active and available by seeing when they last spoke, when they're listening to music, or when they have purposely made themselves available, or not. 


Audio Controls

Take control over your audio world by selectively admitting ambient sounds and deciding how your music reacts to real world events and people talking. Presets for those who want simplicity.


Having trouble figuring it out? Have some suggestions? Talk to our Helpdesk like a real person - in real time, or using voice messages.

Helpdesk is 

A Real Person


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