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Listen To Music Together 

Listen Together

Listen to music together like you're in the same place. There are two awesome parts here:

1) Unlike other “listen together” parties, people can actually talk thanks to voice detection and automatic volume adjustment.

2) You can listen to your own music or join friends to listen in sync. Let your friends drop in or start a music group and take turns being the DJ.


Connections are already primed, meaning you don’t wait 10 seconds to establish a phone call.

Fast like a walkie-talkie, but becomes a two-way call upon response.

Quickly switch between friends/groups/channels.

Video Chat

Video chat with added benefits:

Keep video connections running without the constant noise thanks to voice detection.

Keep your music running and watch the volume auto-adjust when someone starts talking.

Audio Features

Switchboard incorporates a powerful audio engine that allows for low level customization and mixing of different audio channels. 

These channels may include music, video, or ambient sounds (picked up by device microphone).  

We have an integrated voice activity detection mechanism that determines when the user is speaking. This can be used with music features to allow for always-on voice communication with automatic ducking of background music. 

Listen to your own music or synchronize with friends. Either way the voice line stays open so you can feel like you're together. 

Jam with friends 

& family at home

Or listen together while...

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Music features in beta. Sign up here to unlock.  

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