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Frequently asked questions

Use headphones

Switchboard works best when you have headphones on.

Find someone to test with

Ideally with an iPhone. More platforms coming soon.


How much data does this use?

When Switchboard runs in the background, data usage is pretty minimal. When you are actively on a call, data usage is very similar to a Skype call or a FaceTime Audio call. Also, if you are streaming music through Spotify or other music services, normal data usage will occur from those services.

Why is there a red bar on my device?

The red bar is required by iOS for any interaction that accesses the microphone in the background. When you minimize the app with the microphone active, you will see a red bar. In addition to being activated when you are in a conversation, there are other features, such as transparency that may be activating the mic even while you are not in a conversation. Don’t worry, we are not the NSA and not recording any calls.

Can I use Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth headphones can be used but there are currently two limitations that we are working to improve. 1) The phone's on board microphone is used, not the one on your headphones.  2) If you use the transparency feature (i.e. Settings - How loud I hear my own mic), there is a slight delay caused by Bluetooth.

Can I test the app on an Android phone?

As of now, you can only test using iOS or the web app. Native apps for Android are being tested right now, and we will soon have apps for Mac & Windows. Send us an email at for early access. 

1) Reach out to Help Desk if they are online. Just tap the mic and talk to a human.

2) Email your question to We'll answer super fast.

3) Read the FAQ above if you haven't already.

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